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As the temperature rises, so does the anticipation of Spring! Time to put those good intentions into practice and get back into shape. A healthy diet, keeping active and consistent, effective body care are essential to get spring off to a toned and beautiful start....
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Stella’s Six Sessions of Laser Hair Removal Journey

Stella is the author of ‘How To Cash In As A Blogger’, a Freelance Writer, PR and Blogger Outreach Consultant from Cheshire, England. She blogs about Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle, and you will sometimes find her blogging on The Huffington Post Blogger. Here is what...
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How Effective Is Laser Hair Removal

  This depends very much on the skin and hair type of the client concerned (dark thick hair on light skin being the most suitable for laser hair removal treatment), but also on the efficacy and grade of laser being used for treatment. At Laser Chic, we use Duetto...
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What Emma Did

Emma is a Manchester based Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle blogger. The blog turned ‘blogtique’ discusses beauty, fashion, food, fitness, health and travel, as well as hosting ‘The Boutique‘ – a dedicated dress shop. Whatemmadid.com scooped the award for Cosmopolitan...
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Restore fullness and volume in your jawline & cheeks, soften and plump fine lines & wrinkles

Do you want to restore fullness and volume in your jawline & cheeks, soften and plump fine lines & wrinkles? Dermal fillers may be your answer… Dr Persheng Rad performs Dermal Filler treatments exclusive to Laser Chic. So you may be wondering how they work, if...
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What Is A Good Skin Care Regime

What is included in a Good Skin Care Regime and what are the benefits of following each step? The following steps are what we call a good skin care regime: 1.Why you need to cleanse your skin? The skin is the largest organ of elimination and must be kept free of...

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