Wondering how Dermaroller works and what skin concerns it can improve

Laser Chic offers FREE consultations with Dr. Persheng Rad who performs all Facial Aesthetics treatments. How Dermaroller Works? Genuine Dermaroller therapy provides advanced micro-medical skin needling, a procedure that stimulates the skin to regenerate and repair...


Our Skin Defence System The skin is our largest organ. It has its own defence mechanism that protects it against stress and environmental strain. But this defence system does not always work as it should, resulting in irritation and premature skin ageing. That is why...

Restore fullness and volume in your jawline & cheeks, soften and plump fine lines & wrinkles

Do you want to restore fullness and volume in your jawline & cheeks, soften and plump fine lines & wrinkles? Dermal fillers may be your answer… Dr Persheng Rad performs Dermal Filler treatments exclusive to Laser Chic. So you may be wondering how they work, if there...

Difference Between a Clinical Facial and a Facial

What is the difference between a Clinical Facial and a Facial? I often get asked by clients why we call our facials clinical facials? Clinical facial treatments can be quite different from traditional facial treatments and are typically more treatment focused. First...

Code Volumising Lengthening Mascara

Code Beautiful Exclusive at Laser Chic Now Ok, so us at Laser Chic are constantly on the hunt for cosmetics that will not only do what they say on the box but also contain the right ingredients that look after the skin, eyes, eyelashes and lips. Our clients take care...

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What Is A Good Skin Care Regime

What is included in a Good Skin Care Regime and what are the benefits of following each step? The following steps are what we call a good skin care regime: 1.Why you need to cleanse your skin? The skin is the largest organ of elimination and must be kept free of...

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