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20th January 2017
Laser Chic

What is the difference between a Clinical Facial and a Facial?

I often get asked by clients why we call our facials clinical facials?

Clinical facial treatments can be quite different from traditional beauty or spa facial treatments and are typically more treatment focused. First and foremost, the purpose of a clinical facial is to treat the skin from a health perspective using physicians’ formulas that are only offered in clinics. Although relaxing and pleasing to the sense, the goal of a clinical facial at Laser Chic is to promote and then maintain healthy skin.

Difference Between A Clinical Facial And A Facial

Beauty Facials

Traditional beauty treatments are performed in a spa setting and are considered a relaxing treatment, similar to a massage. These facials usually include cleansing, exfoliating and massaging the skin and then applying a mask and moisturiser.

At Laser Chic, we begin with a detailed skin analysis to determine your skin type and condition. We then advise on what pharmacy grade skin care products should be used to treat your skin and decide on a treatment plan tailored to your skin needs. For more information on our amazing clinical facials visit our facials page and explore our treatment options. You can also see before and after pictures of some of our bespoke goal oriented treatments. Find out out more…

Laser Chic'S Platinum Care Facial

Laser Chic’s Platinum Care Facial
Anti-Ageing… Instant visible results

Clinical Facials

  • Address skin problems
  • Improve the skin health
  • Prevent significant skin issues.

Skin concerns can be addressed such as:

We believe that only best results can be achieved from skin that is prepared correctly before treatment. This means you have to do your bit at home. It’s no good having an amazing treatment if you aren’t helping your skin at home with poor products that aggravate the problem.


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