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Laser Chic One Year Anniversary Party

16th May 2016
Laser Chic

Sneak Peek at Laser Chic One Year Anniversary Party

Didsbury’s premier Laser and Skin Care Clinic Laser Chic has been open for just over a year so, on May 11th we decided to host a celebration for all Laser Chic clients, their friends and family for Laser Chic one year anniversary party.

The evening consisted of drinks, snacks, two live demonstrations, a talk by Dr. Rad on Facial Aesthetics, information on new products and treatments available at Laser Chic, prizes and a raffle to raise money for our charity of choice Francis House.

The first facial demonstration was carried out by Seti the Laser Chic clinic owner. She performed a live Contour facial. This Skin Contour Facial is an absolute innovation on the anti ageing market and is exclusive to Laser Chic. The second demonstration was an Intensive Fruit Acid Peel treatment performed by Kelsey. This treatment is the professional exfoliation method for visible skin renewal using up to 60% fruit acid to give effective and visible results. This is the safest Acid Peel on the market. The results were immediate and everyone was amazed.

Our very own Dr Persheng Rad gave us a 10-minute talk about some of the Facial Aesthetics treatments she performs at Laser Chic such as Dermaroller, Anti Ageing injections, Dermal Fillers, Lip Fillers and Medical Skin Peels.

The evening was fantastic, both fun and informing. We ended up raising over £230 for Francis house, the money will go towards helping children diagnosed with life threatening or life limiting conditions.

Laser Chic, Manchester would like to thank Krestyna, the owner of Janssen Cosmetics UK for helping us host the evening. We would also like to thank all everyone for coming and supporting us. A final thanks to Kyle Jarvis, a player for Lancashire County Cricket Club who came in to share with everyone his Laser Hair Removal experience at Laser Chic.

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