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Jan 1, 2017 | Treatments & Services

How Long a Laser Consultation Should Last?

A laser consultation should take around half an hour to complete if it is done properly. It never ceases to amaze us here at Laser Chic that some clinics only allow 10 or 15 minutes’ maximum for a consultation.

When considering any form of cosmetic procedure, there should be ample time for your clinician to thoroughly explain your treatment options and to go through the procedure itself.

Medical Conditions

A full medical questionnaire gets filled out by the client. This should cover all aspects of your general health and wellbeing. As laser consultants, what we are interested in, is whether the client has either any medical conditions, or on any medication that could cause problems with a light-based treatment. For instance, some medical conditions like lupus, are contraindicated to treatment. As are certain medications which we know to be problematic with exposure to light e.g. Roaccutane or St. John’s Wort to name a couple.

Costs should be discussed in the consultation so that the client can decide on payment options or if they would like to go home and have a think about it before going any further.

Once a thorough medical assessment has been carried out, the costs and any questions that the clients may have, has been explained and there is no reason as to why a client shouldn’t have laser treatment, then a patch test is carried out on a small area of skin.

Patch Test

A few shots of light are fired at the skin’s surface to check for any skin reactions before launching in to a full treatment a week after (a bit like when a small amount of hair dye is placed behind the ear before having your hair coloured at a salon). It is also used to set effective treatment parameters, meaning that a client will be treated with the correct settings from the word go. Most clients can’t even remember where the patch test was carried out. Normal side effects however can include slightly pink skin, some swelling around the hair follicles (a bit like the appearance of ‘chicken skin’ which you can get after waxing. Unwanted side effects can include blistering or mild burns, but these are rare. All expected and rare side effects should be discussed at the consultation.

At Laser Chic, we offer Laser Hair Removal, Laser Thread Vein Removal, Laser Pigmentation Removal and Laser Skin Tightening.
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Invest In Your Skin!

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Invest In Your Skin!

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Invest In Your Skin!

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