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Laser Hair Removal Side Effects

6th June 2017
Laser Chic

What Side Effects Can You Expect From a Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

Laser hair removal is the most popular method for removing unwanted hair growth both on the body and face. Whilst for the majority of clients, it is highly safe and effective, it is not without its risks. At Laser Chic, we divide up laser hair removal side effects into 3 categories:

  1. Expected laser hair removal side effects
  2. Unwanted (but possible) laser hair removal side effects
  3. Lastly, ‘Adverse reactions’

1. Expected Laser Hair Removal Side Effects:-

  • Redness (erythema) – after Laser Hair Removal treatment, temporary redness of the skin can occur. Although we advise clients that this can last up to 2 weeks on the treated areas, in reality this normally only lasts a few hours.
  • Swelling (oedema) – mild swelling or irritation is possible around the follicles after Laser Hair Removal treatment, which again can last up to 2 weeks but usually goes down after a few hours to few days
  • Itching – discomfort or itching can sometimes occur on treated areas and is more common in people with an overactive histamine response.
  • Slight Pain or Tingling – most people describe the sensation of laser hair removal like a rubber band being snapped against the skin. It can also feel like hot little pin pricks. Many clients at our Laser Chic Clinic find it more tolerable than waxing especially on sensitive areas like the extended bikini line. The sensation does vary according to people’s skin and hair type. People with darker skins will absorb more light from the laser hair removal treatment and will therefore feel it more than those with paler skin. At Laser Chic we use a Cryo cooling machine which blows cold air, making the treatment more comfortable and helps to reduce unwanted Laser Hair Removal side effects like redness and swelling.
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2. Unwanted (but possible) Side Effects:-

These side effects are not expected from a laser hair removal treatment, but can occur on rare occasions. Any of the following side effects should be reported to your laser consultant straight away:

  • Mild burning or blistering – very unusual in a laser hair removal treatment. If this does occur it is usually a sign that the client has either exposed their skin to the sun, is on light sensitising medication that hasn’t been declared to the laser consultant prior to treatment, or the laser operator has over treated using energies that are too high. Rarely this can occur without any obvious explanation.
  • Infection – if treated areas aren’t cleaned and disinfected properly prior to treatment, and post-treatment, a minor infection can set in. All areas must be free of make-up, creams, deodorants etc.
  • Bruising – clients with very sensitive skin may experience slight bruising on treated areas. Again this is very unusual for laser hair removal and is more common (but still only occurs occasionally), in vascular treatments like thread vein removal.
  • Changes in Skin Pigment – pigmentation discolouration scarring in the form of hyper-pigmentation (darkening of skin tone) and hypo-pigmentation (lightening of skin tone) are rare if laser hair removal is performed by an experienced laser consultant, and if the correct laser is used. Most laser clinics in Manchester will only have one laser or IPL specifically for laser hair removal. This means that whatever your skin or hair type you will get treated with the same machine. At Laser Chic we have 2 different lasers for laser hair removal alone (Alexandrite and Nd:YAG).

3. Adverse Reactions:-

Severe burns.

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