Code Volumising Lengthening Mascara

Code Beautiful Exclusive at Laser Chic Now Ok, so us at Laser Chic are constantly on the hunt for cosmetics that will not only do what they say on the box but also contain the right ingredients that look after the skin, eyes, eyelashes and lips. Our clients take care...

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Our Skin Defence System The skin is our largest organ. It has its own defence mechanism that protects it against stress and environmental strain. But this defence system does not always work as it should, resulting in irritation and premature skin ageing. That is why...

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Janssen Cosmetics PERFECT SLIM

As the temperature rises, so does the anticipation of Spring! Time to put those good intentions into practice and get back into shape. A healthy diet, keeping active and consistent, effective body care are essential to get spring off to a toned and beautiful start....

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  Face Guard Advanced is an innovative sun protection concentrate with an SPF of 30 that combats premature photo ageing. In addition to containing photo-stable UVA and UVB filters and the cell protectant Ectoin®, the emulsion NOW PROVIDES effective protection...

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Perfect Detox

Our Modern Lifestyle UV radiation, exhaust emissions, cigarette smoke and pesticides – around 50 kilograms of pollutants pass through a human body during its lifetime. No wonder the complexion appears pale. The increasingly hectic modern lifestyle and higher UV levels...

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