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Face Guard Advanced is an innovative sun protection concentrate with an SPF of 30 that combats premature photo ageing. In addition to containing photo-stable UVA and UVB filters and the cell protectant Ectoin®, the emulsion NOW PROVIDES effective protection from IR radiation too.

The latest studies show that, like UV rays, infrared rays can accelerate skin ageing and lead to long-term sun-related damage. It is therefore important to protect our skin not only from UVA and UVB rays, but also from infrared rays.


  • SPF 30 100% 100%
  • Photo-stable UVA Filter 100% 100%
  • Photo-stable UVB Filter 100% 100%
  • IR Protection 100% 100%


Face Guard Advanced contains a thermos thermophiles ferment that fights damage caused by IR. It reduces inflammation reactions, imporves hydration and protects against oxidative stress.

The Ectoin® in the formula also supports the skin’s natural protective mechanisms. Ectoin® has been proven to shield the cells in the body’s largest organ from environmental influences such as dryness, heat, cold temperatures and UV rays. Application: Regardless of the skin type, the light formulation always enables additional light protection during the day. Skin type-specific care is undertaken by the usual day cream, which is simply applied on top of Face Guard Advanced.

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Invest In Your Skin!

© 2015-2020 Laser Chic

Invest In Your Skin!

© 2015-2020 Laser Chic

Invest In Your Skin!

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