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Jan 9, 2016 | Events & Media

Emma is a Manchester based Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle blogger. The blog turned ‘blogtique’ discusses beauty, fashion, food, fitness, health and travel, as well as hosting ‘The Boutique‘ – a dedicated dress shop. Whatemmadid.com scooped the award for Cosmopolitan Best New Fashion Blog back in 2010, opening up partnerships with Cosmopolitan, Handpicked Media, London Fashion Week and Matalan. Emma is a professional freelance blogger and copywriter, working with various brands and clients.

I’ve heard so much about laser hair removal over the years, whether it be positive comments about the procedure for legs, arms, bikini or face, yet never really considered it for myself. It’s fast become all the rage as of late – with it fast becoming quite normal to come across ladies who regularly have laser hair removal, and make it a necessity treatment…

Read more about Emma’s laser hair removal experience at Laser Chic on What Emma Did.


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Invest In Your Skin!

© 2015-2020 Laser Chic

Invest In Your Skin!

© 2015-2020 Laser Chic

Invest In Your Skin!

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