What is an Intensive Fruit Acid Peel & what does it improve

Mar 1, 2017 | New Product & Service, Skin Tips & Advise, Treatments & Services

Laser Chic Manchester now offers a new highly effective exfoliation system using up to 60% fruit acid to give effective and visible results, whilst complying with strict EU legislation, making it the safest acid peel on the market.

This is Laser Chic’s Professional effective exfoliation system for Skin Renewal!

This deep acting treatment is able to remove irregularities from the surface of the skin and has 5 main effects:

It is exfoliating, meaning the skin will shed its grey veil making it softer and fresher. It is regulating sebum gland activity preventing the pores from clogging so the skin becomes clear and pure again. The fruit Acid penetrates into the epidermis stimulating collagen and elastin production therefore regenerating the skin making it firmer, youthful and softer. The improved quality of the upper layer of skin (epidermis) and stimulation of cell activity in the lower layer (dermis) guarantees increased moisture content. And last by not least it also has a brightening effect on the skin, pigmentation disorders are lightened and may be removed from the surface of the skin leaving the skin looking more even and brighter.

effective exfoliation system with intensive fruit acid peel treatment

What will this treatment improve on the skin?

– Rough skin texture will smoothen
– Impure and mild acne will clear
– Fine lines and wrinkles will smooth out
– Sun damage and pigmentation marks will lighten or be removed
– The skin will be left hydrated and moisturized
– Surface scars will soften
– Ingrown hairs can be treated and prevented

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Invest In Your Skin!

© 2015-2019 Laser Chic

Invest In Your Skin!

© 2015-2019 Laser Chic

Invest In Your Skin!

Disclaimer Notice: Treatment Results May Vary From Person To Person.

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