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Perfect Detox Cream

The Perfect Detox Cream and Our Modern Lifestyle

UV radiation, exhaust emissions, cigarette smoke and pesticides – around 50 kilograms of pollutants pass through a human body during its lifetime. No wonder the complexion appears pale.
The increasingly hectic modern lifestyle and higher UV levels cause more and more waste products to accumulate in the cells. The natural cell cleansing system cannot cope and the complexion appears patchy, tired and drawn. The skin needs refreshment with the new Perfect Detox cream!
Perfect Detox Cream

Detox Process

The Perfect Detox Cream from Janssen Cosmetics, reinforce the effect, support the cells’ detox process, delaying premature ageing. Age spots become less noticeable and the skin regains its youthful glow. The result? Wonderfully revitalised, fresh skin that looks smoother.
Perfect Detox cream contains active ingredients that help the skin to break down damaged cell parts. Highly-active peptides from avocado ensure that proteins that are no longer needed are broken down into parts that can be reused. The cells are relieved of their cell waste and regain the vitality of a young cell. A special yeast extract, rich in alpha-glucan also activates the breakdown of larger oxidised proteins and lipids. This also includes the ageing pigment lipofuscin.
The rich care cream stimulates the cells’ inherent detoxification system and ensures youthfully vital skin. With a lipid content of 31% it is optimally suited to dry skin. The pink colour content verifiably increases thanks to the highly effective active detoxification substances-polysaccharide, alpha-glucan and avocado peptides. The complexion is left looking radiant, fresh and even. Vitamin E acetate and vitamin C isopalmitate protect the skin and prevent oxidative cell damage. The cells remain more vital and reveal this by living longer.


Perfect Detox Cream

If you are still unsure if this treatment is the right choice for you, feel free to speak directly to our laser chic team in Hale today on 0161 445 6349 or book your free consultation online.

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