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Janssen Cosmetics leaves no desire fulfilled. Innovations are crucial to de-limit the company from the competition and remain one step ahead. The skin care products represent a new global approach in modern skin care technology.

The effectiveness of all the products has been proven by scientific research and dermatologist tests. By expertly combining the correct, most effective and non-irritating molecular formulations of specific ingredients with each other, the products are guaranteed to be gentle on the skin, fast absorbing and deeply effective. Hence, Nouvelles Esthetique Journal’s International Congress for Applied Esthetics has honoured the brand with Innovation awards every year since 2010.

What’s more, Janssen Cosmetics are the only pharmacy grade products on the market to contain strong and pure ingredients to guarantee results in an environmentally safe way to care for skin without harming the natural balance and protection provided by the body.

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Janssen Cosmetics Platinum Care Skin care

Platinum Care

Pure Luxury for the Skin

New innovative premium anti-ageing care concept, which offers luxury care of the highest possible scientific level. Platinum Care provides highly effective ingredients and top-quality, velvety formulas. After just one use, your skin will benefit from the unique effect of the premium care provided by these products.

Every single product contains active substances that will improve your skin’s structure as a whole and give you an even, youthful radiance. High-tech peptide Matrixyl Synthe’6 will make the organ appear firmer, while a multi-action extract taken from the Persian silk tree will reduce visible signs of fatigue and high-grade colloidal platinum will leave your skin feeling uniquely pleasant. The luxurious formulas of our Platinum Care will pamper both your skin and your senses. Pigmentbased diffusers will brighten the skin’s sheen and enhance its general appearance immediately.

Janssen Cosmetics Dry skin Range

Dry Skin

Restore Elasticity and Suppleness to Dry Skin

Dry, lipid-deficient skin: due to decreasing sebum production, it is deficient in lipids. This lack of lipids weakens the hydrolipidic film, which protects against dehydration and the ingress of bacteria.

Dry, moisture-deficient skin: the skin usually produces sufficient lipids, but it is deficient in moisture due to a lack of moisture retention factors. Careful care with lipid-replenishing and moisture-binding active substances is highly important to make dry skin elastic and supple again.

Dry Skin is the special care series for this skin type. Mild cleansing and care products support the skin’s physiology with modern active substances. These increase its moisture binding capacity and strengthen the hydrolipidic film. Regular care with Dry Skin makes dry skin smooth and supple again, and strengthens its natural film to protect against external influences.

Janssen Cosmetics Sensitive Range Skin Care

Sensitive Skin

Correct Care of Sensitive Skin

Correct care of sensitive skin
Sensitive skin requires particular attention and special care with the objective of:
– alleviating skin irritations and
– stabilizing the hydrolipidic barrier

The Sensitive Skin Cosmeceutical line meets both of these needs and provides a completely new method for fortifying sensitive skin in the long term. The main active substances of the sensitive and skin defence complex are extensively involved in this. The combination of these two highly-effective plant extracts is an optimal, mutually enhancing system of action for the care of sensitive skin and is used to achieve long-lasting protection against physical and chemical influences.

SENSITIVE SKIN verifiably improves the structure of the skin:
– Noticeable skin-calming effect
– Measurable reduction in skin sensitivity
– Fortified hydrolipidic barrier
– Reduces skin redness
– Resilient Skin

Janssen Cosmetics Trend Edition Skin Defence

Trend Edition Skin Defence

Strengthening the Skin’s Natural Defence

The skin is our largest organ. It has its own defence mechanism that protects it against stress and environmental strain. But this defence system does not always work as it should, resulting in irritation and premature skin ageing. That is why it is important to increase the skin’s defences. After all, the skin’s own immune system in intact form is the key to resistant, beautiful skin. When the skin’s immune system is in the best possible state, the skin can protect itself most effectively against stress and negative outside influences.

The Trend Edition products in our Sensitive Skin series work by using active substances that are able to stabilise the skin’s immune cells and strengthen its natural barrier at the same time. While our Pro-Immune Serum is designed to stabilise the skin’s immune cells, our Anti-Pollution Cream protects it from negative external influences. The two products are particularly effective when combined. The new resistance leaves the skin noticeably smoother, softer and more radiant.

Janssen Cosmetics Oily Skin Range Skin Care

Oily Skin

Beauty Begins with Healthy Skin

Blackheads, papules and pustules, briefly referred to as rash eruptions, characterize blemished skin, which usually reveals enlarged pores. This is a frequent and often severe skin disorder which begins in puberty and can extend into adulthood. Horny material and excessive sebum form a medium in which certain germs flourish, leading to skin inflammation.

A tendency towards follicular hyper-keratosis, excessive sebum production and excessive bacterial infestation of the skin flora are regarded as the three causes which promote blemished skin. This is where care cosmetics can and should be sensibly applied.

The task of the care product series for oily, blemished skin is to normalize the oily-moist skin condition and to locally combat blemishes. This therefore combats the tendency to develop acne in its initial stages.

Janssen Cosmetics Combination Skin Range

Combination Skin

Finding the Right Balance

Partial sebum gland hyperactivity is the main cause of Combination Skin. Sebum gland hyper function generally occurs due to a predisposition. However, hormonal changes, medications, etc. may also lead to increased sebum production. Occurrence during puberty and occasionally also the menopause is not therefore infrequent. The skin’s pores become enlarged as a result of increased sebum production.

Irrespective of this, the increased sebum production leads to an unattractive oily sheen in the central area of the face, whilst the dry side areas appear brittle and may feel unpleasantly taut. These symptoms are additionally susceptible to seasonal fluctuations, i.e. the skin appears oilier in the summer and drier in the winter.

The treatment of Combination Skin therefore requires active substance preparations which act to balance the skin’s natural functions and are highly-moisturizing so that a balanced and silky-matte skin profile is achieved

Janssen Cosmetics Demanding Skin Range Products

Demanding Skin

Special Preparation for Demanding Skin

DEMANDING SKIN requires particular attention!

Exhaustion leaves traces on young people’s skin, and initial creases become visible. Then, at the very latest, it is time to rethink daily skin care. In contrast to the years prior to this, the skin now becomes pale more quickly, appears more tired, tends to become dry and is more susceptible to degenerative processes. The skin is demanding and requires vitalizing care to combat premature loss of stability and resilience.

The Demanding Skin series protects and cares for demanding skin. Each care product is characterized by its balanced lipid and moisture content, and thereby supports the natural skin function. Demanding Skin remains supple and resilient even when faced with external stresses such as dry air, heat or low temperatures. Active substances penetrate deep into the skin, replenish its moisture deposits and stabilize its protective function. Premature skin aging is perceptibly combated.

Janssen Cosmetics Trend Edition skin Youth Range Skin Care Product

Trend Edition Skin Youth

Latest Technologies Lead to Innovative Raw Materials

Janssen Cosmetics has dealt intensively with the process of skin ageing. We know that the secret of youthful skin lies in our genes. Each time cell division takes place, the entire genetic material is duplicated. Unfortunately, this process is incomplete. The telomeres (protective caps at the ends) are not duplicated in their entirety. Each cell division process leaves them a little shorter. Finally, they reach a critical length as of which viability is no longer possible: the cell dies.

Not even the repair enzyme telomerase is able to fully eliminate this duplication error. Added to this is the obstacle posed by free radicals. The cells are subject to oxidative stress and the telomerase’s repair work is hindered. This results in the fact that the telomeres become even shorter and the cells die quicker.
The conclusion is an easy one to draw: protecting the repair enzymes responsible for an intact gene structure prolongs the skin’s youthfulness.

Janssen Cosmetics Regeneration Skin Range

Mature Skin

The Age Management System for Your Skin

With the combined effects of natural active ingredients and innovative technologies, Mature Skin has not disregarded any of the signs of ageing skin. The new care product range contains the Cellular Regeneration Complex of red clover extract and the fermented black tea, Kombucha. Red clover extract is rich in isoflavones; it moisturises and regenerates the skin balance. Kombucha, the “fungus of long life” improves the radiance and bestows a rosier complexion. Furthermore, new research shows that Kombucha actually stimulates the development and maturing of fat cells in the skin, thus having a natural, smoothing lipo-filling effect. Tried-and-tested active ingredients, such as short and long-chained hyaluronic acid, vitamins A, C and E, skin-protective alpine rose and vitalising silk acacia complete this innovative anti-ageing concept.

Mature Skin products impress not just because of their perfect composition, but also due to their unique textures and subtle scents. The skin appears firmer, smoother, more even and has a young, fresh radiance.

Janssen Cosmetics Trend Edition Skin Contour

Trend Edition Skin Contour

The Latest Technologies Lead to Innovative Raw Materials

Uplifted contours for a younger looking skin Janssen Cosmetics has dealt intensively with the process of skin ageing. We know that the treatment of wrinkles on the surface of the skin alone is not sufficient. The contour of the face is the most important criterion in estimating the perceived age. Sagging of the cheek area immediately makes a person appear older. If cheek sagging is reduced, the person automatically appears younger in the eyes of the beholder.

Each individual Trend Edition product, remodels skin in need of regeneration and strengthens it from deep below the surface. The organ is targeted right where the ageing process begins. The effectiveness of the new, innovative ingredients has been scientifically proven and makes the power Trend Edition product a specialist in creating firmer, tighter and more radiant skin.

Janssen Cosmetics Fair Skin Range

Fair Skin

Care Products for Even Skin

Hyper pigmented areas of skin are perceived as disturbing due to their contrast to the surrounding, normally coloured skin. In addition to decorative concealing measures, effective treatment to reduce or avoid this skin discoloration is therefore also desirable.

Fair Skin from Janssen Cosmetics is a special care system for treating pigmentation disorders to achieve an even skin tone. When applied regularly, pigmentation flecks are visibly and sustainably reduced, new dark discoloration of the skin is extensively combated and the complexion’s colour is effectively brightened.

Scientists have precisely studied the skin’s complex bronzing activity and have undertaken specific research into active substances which inhibit melanin synthesis at its very source. Janssen Cosmetics has used this information to develop a cosmetic concept for blocking the skin’s native melanin synthesis. Effective skin brightening can now be given a name:


  1. Protection of the skin against UVA and UVB radiation
  2. Blockage of the α-MSH receptors at the surface of the melanocytes
  3. a) Inhibition of tyrosinase and stabilization of the inactive form     b) Inhibition of melanin maturation
  4. Inhibition of melanin absorption into the keratinocytes
Janssen Cosmetics Trend Edition Detox Range

Trend Edition Detox Range

Latest Technologies Offer Innovative Raw Materials

Free radicals, which result in damage to proteins and lipids, are constantly incurred even under normal living conditions. They have to be constantly disposed of to ensure that the cell remains functional. Our increasingly hectic, modern lifestyle and increased UV stress are overtaxing the natural cell cleansing system. Deposits occur in the cells. This affects all of the body’s organs. The skin is especially affected by this, as deposits are particularly clearly visible here. Irrespective of age, the skin is lacking in freshness and radiance. It ages prematurely and age spots become visible.

Janssen Cosmetics has developed special care with a detoxification effect. Based on a scientifically founded concept, the innovative care formulation supports the skin’s cellular cleansing systems. Skin Detox reduces the visibility of age spots and restores the skin cells’ fresh vitality. All skin types benefit from this: they take on a fresher radiance and a healthy appearance.

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