21St January 2021 | Acne

What is acne?

Acne is a very common skin disorder that most young people get in early puberty. It is caused by inflammation of the sebaceous glands that surround the fine hairs on the face and chest. Hormonal changes related to pregnancy or menstrual periods also cause or contribute to acne. This is also the case with environmental irritants such as pollution, intense heat, humidity or cold.

What Causes Acne

The hormonal sensitisation of the skin (life stages, life events and also stress) causes it to lose oils and fats (lipids), which leach out of the skin and are lost along with dead skin cells. This causes the skins water loss to increase dramatically. The skin needs to slow this water loss, and so skin cell production rate accelerates and (waxy) keratin deposition inside cells increases.

More oil is also pumped onto the surface of the skin. although these three things slow down the excessive water loss, the thickened skin and excess oil production combined with more dead skin cells narrows and closes the hair follicle openings.

Bacteria on the skin which feed on oil secretions have lost their food source and so migrate under these blockages to find the trapped oil, and in a preferred low oxygen environment they multiply, feeding on the oil which produces inflammatory by-products, resulting in the classic acne spot.

Acne Formation
Acne Formation

Our Acne Treatment Options

Plasma Shower is outstanding for treating acne. The plasma technology destroys the P.acnes bacteria (that’s what’s causing the problem), it sterilises the skin, has an anti-inflammatory effect and reduces sebum (oil) production by 25%. Find Out More…


Janssen Cosmetics pharmacy grade products are an ideal solution. Janssen cosmetics contain strong and pure ingredients to guarantee results in an environmentally safe way to care for skin without harming the natural balance and protection provided by the body. Our skin specialists at Laser Chic will gladly assist and advise on a plan for clear skin. Find Out More…


Clinical Facial Treatments effectively reduce sebum gland activity using Janssen cosmetics. The innovative active substance system in the care product line for oily skin provides immediate and sustained help in combating spots, blackheads and enlarged pores. Find Out More. . .


How To Prevent Acne

There are some tips you can follow to treat effectively your unwanted acne and minimise it:

Wash your face regularly

Use an alcohol-free cleanser to remove excess oil, dirt, and sweat that you generate daily on your skin. Do it regularly, but no more than twice a day as, otherwise, it may make your acne worse.

Don’t pick or squeeze your spots

This can leave scars and spread spots. We touch our face up to 3000 times in one day, so even if you are not a picker then make sure you keep your hands clean at all times.

Change your diet

Eating unhealthy food regularly can have a negative impact on your skin. For a more skin spot-free, avoid eating fast or junk food, dairy, white bread, processed breakfast cereals and white rice.

Limit sun exposure

Drying out your skin can lead to an excess of oil production to compensate the lack of hydration and this means you may end up with another breakout.


What sort of results can I expect?

Active acne and acne scarring are difficult conditions to treat. The severity of your acne will ultimately dictate your final results. Treatments can significantly improve your appearance, but they may not be capable of removing all traces of acne. Prior to your procedure, our team of experts will work with you to design a personalised treatment plan to help you achieve the best results possible.

Who can have this treatment?

Due to their non-invasive nature, the treatments offered by Laser Chic are suitable for virtually everyone. However, our team of experts will discuss any issues with you during your free consultation.

How do I know which procedure is right for me?

The best treatment for you will depend on the type and severity of your acne. We offer a variety of treatments, which can be performed solo, or in combination, to achieve desired results. Our team of dedicated professionals will be able to determine which procedure is best for your skin during a private free consultation.

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