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Humans are 70% water. If they don’t get enough of it, the first thing that suffers is their skin. And everyone’s aware of the consequences: dry skin, a feeling of tightness, dryness, wrinkles, signs of not enough moisture in the epidermis – and all despite the regular application of moisturising products.

What Causes Dry Skin?

External influences such as solar radiation, cold temperatures, wind, heat, stress, a lack of sleep and eating the wrong things also have a negative impact on the sensitive skin of our faces. There is only one way to keep it looking young and radiant, and that is to meet the skin’s most basic need by supplying it with enough moisture.

The causes of chapped rough skin may be either from lipid deficient skin or moisture deficient skin. Lipid deficient skin is lacking in lipids due to a decline in sebum production. Intensive care with a high lipid content is important to protect this skin. Whilst moisture deficient skin is usually plentifully available in dry, moisture deficient skin. The skin is lacking moisture and requires a care product low in lipid content. These two care products will increase the skins moisture binding capacity and provide optimal protection against small wrinkles caused by dryness. 

Treatment Options

Skin is left clean, glowing and deeply repaired and moisturised with no down time. Improves skin quality and appearance of ageing by stimulating fibroblasts and generating collagen, improving blood circulation and increasing lymphatic drainage. Skin density is usually increased by 14.8% in just one treatment. Additional results come from the active ingredients introduced into the skin.

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Dry skin will meet both skin needs mentioned above to an equal extent and ensure a strengthened protective film plus visibly smoother and suppler skin thanks to Janssen Cosmetic's special active substances.

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Whether you’re struggling with a dull complexion, sagging skin, or could just do with taking 5 years off of your appearance, this is the treatment for you. It’s ideal for brightening, tightening, and smoothing, and it gets to work fast. You’ll be looking more youthful in just a few weeks!

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Pharmacy grade products are an ideal solution. Janssen cosmetics contain strong and pure ingredients to guarantee results in an environmentally safe way to care for skin without harming the natural balance and protection provided by the body. Our skin specialists at Laser Chic will gladly assist and advise on a plan for clear skin.

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£57Hyaluron Impulse

Hyaluron Impulse

This care capsules for dry skin improves the skin structure and smoothes creases caused by dryness. Its an Ideal foundation for make-up.
£23Hyaluron Fluid Ampoules

Hyaluron Fluid Ampoules

The 7-day moisture boost for your skin. Highly-concentrated moisture fluid with short and long chain hyaluronic acid. Ideal for use during a 8-10-hour flight.
£312-Phase Oil Serum Hydrating

2-Phase Oil Serum

2-phase moisture booster with hyaluronic acid and Hydro Skin Complex provides intensive moisture, visibly plumps up the skin and cushions fine lines.

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