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Excess or unwanted hair is common in both men and woman. Excess hair may not have a specific cause, however excessive hair growth in woman is called hirsutism. The hair is usually thick and dark, rather than fine and fair. This growth of hair usually appears on the face and chest and could also be a side effect of PCOS. If you suspect that your hair growth is abnormal, it is best to consult your doctor.

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At Laser Chic, we use our experience to match you to the right type of hair removal treatment. We take your treatment goals, skin type & medical history into account during a complimentary consultation and patch test treatment. You can expect excellence when you visit us at Laser Chic.

Excessive unwanted hair

Get Rid of Your Excessive Unwanted Hair with Laser Hair Removal

Excessive Unwanted Hair Treatment Options

Laser Chic offers the gold standard for Laser Hair Removal giving you the most effective results of all hair removal methods. The treatment is FDA approved to give permanent hair reduction of up to 90% after completing a minimum number of sessions.  Our use of the most advanced lasers mean we are able to match the right laser to your skin tone and calibrate it exactly to reduce any risk of burning or other side effects. We offer laser hair removal for both men and woman and we can treat all skin types. Find Out More...

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Excess Hair Laser Treatments Before and After Results

See below some brilliant results of laser hair removal treatment of excessive unwanted hair.

underarm Excessive unwanted hair laser treamentunderarm Excessive unwanted hair laser treament 
laser excess hair removal treatmentlaser excess hair removal treatment 
excess hair laser treatmentexcess hair laser treatment 
underarm Excessive unwanted hair laser treatment
laser excess hair removal treatment
excess hair laser treatment

* Results may vary from person to person.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sorts of results can I expect?

You can expect to see the best results with a course of treatments, after which the hair will have been reduced dramatically and the skin left silky-smooth.

Who can have this treatment?

The treatment is suitable for both the face and body, and is designed to treat all skin types and tones. The treatment works particularly well on coarse, dark hair. However, our team of experts will discuss any issues with you during your free consultation.


What areas of the body can I have treated?

Laser hair removal is safe to use anywhere on the face and body. For women, the most popular treatments are on facial hair and the bikini line, and for men, the shoulders and back.

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Best money I’ve ever spent. I’ve had my 6 sessions now and my legs are 95% if not 100% hair free! It’s amazing. I am dark and always battled with keeping on top of waxing/shaving! Having this done has genuinely made my life much easier. Love Laser Chic, I always feel really looked after and relaxed when I go there. It makes it such a nice experience. I’ll be going back for more. It has made me so much more confident! Definitely recommend!


*Results and benefits can vary and are different for each individual. As such, Laser Chic cannot guarantee specific results.

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