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Laser Hair removal

Freedom From Unwanted Hair growth


Care Quality Control

We are proud to offer our treatments in a Care Quality Control (CQC) registered clinical environment, with strict COVID hygiene and safety protocols. 


Suitable For All Skin Type

Using two gold standard lasers Alexandrite and Nd:YAG, we are pleased to be able to treat any skin type ranging from very fair to very dark. 


Medical Garde Machine

We only operate with FDA approved class 4 medical grade lasers and machinery to ensure safe and efficient permanent hair removal results.

permanent hair reduction


Are you...

…wasting a lot of time and money on hair removal?


Do you...

…suffer from ingrown hair, shaving rash and stubble?


Are you...

…tired of pigmentation & uneven skin left behind after constant shaving or waxing?


Do you...

…tend to your frustrating, unwanted facial or body hair again and again to keep your skin smooth?


Is your...

…excessive or unsightly body hair upsetting and difficult or inconvenient to remove?


Do you...

…struggle dealing with your excess unwanted hair and feel embarrassed about it?

if so, you need LASER HAIR REMOVAL to give you smooth, ready to go skin all year round!

Start Saving Your Money on Temporary Treatments

Shaving, waxing, epilating and other forms of hair removal can be costly and time-consuming. They can also irritate the skin, cause ingrown hairs and leave you with spots, bumps or scars.

It’s recommended an effective treatment for hirsutism (excess hair growth in women with PCOS). Statistics show that after a full course of laser treatment, between 70% and 85% of targeted hair will be reduced or permanently removed.

We Are

specialists in laser – highly skilled, experienced & offer free informative consultation.

We Will

never rush your appointment – we provide extra care and service when you book with us.

You Will

see the same practitioner, whenever possible, throughout your journey to become hair-free.

You Will

be treated at our safe, highly regulated luxurious clinic, right in Hale Village.

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It’s Time To Start Taking Control!

1. Get In Touch To Book

Book your FREE no obligation consultation by either booking online or call us directly.

2. Tailored Consultation

Attend your consultation for a patch test, detailed assessment and discussion of the whole procedure.

3. Hair Free Journey

Start having laser hair removal treatments every 4-8 weeks for permanent hair reduction. 

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"Great place, fantastic service, lovely staff and the laser hair removal actually works. I have completed six sessions on my face and can honestly say that I'm hair free after years of waxing and threading."

Sarah. K

"Not only did Seti explain the procedure and aftercare treatment thoroughly but she also made me feel so comfortable and relaxed which is quite a treat when you're on a laser."

Anna. S

"The clinic is spotless and all regulations followed. Staff are very friendly and informative. Loving it so far, the only con i would say is that it's a painful process but worth it."

Steve. B

What’s my investment


Why Consider Laser Hair Removal?

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe?

Absolutely, laser hair removal is safe. The laser targets only the hair follicle, leaving the surrounding skin unharmed. You may experience some redness, but this should subside within 24 hours.

Is Laser Hair Removal Right For Me?

Treatment is safe on all skin types and colours, so it’s suitable for anyone looking for permanent, silky-smooth results. As the laser is attracted to the pigment of the hair follicle, the only consideration is whether your unwanted hair has enough pigment to be treated. Your practitioner will discuss this in your free consultation.

Where On My Body Can I Have This Treatment?

Anywhere there is hair with enough pigment to attract the laser light. Laser Hair Removal is safe and effective on the full body, even on sensitive areas.

How Long Does The Results Last?

The results from Laser Hair Removal treatment are permanent in most cases.

What Results Will I See?

The treatment is FDA approved to give permanent hair reduction of up to 90%. The darker your unwanted hair, the better it draws the energy of the laser beam to it, giving greater hair reduction. Your therapist will discuss your hair type and the results you can expect to see in your consultation.


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