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21St January 2021 | Profhilo

We Cant Reverse Time Itself, But we Can Reverse the Effect it has on Your Skin!

How? With Profhilo – the revolutionary injectable that can transform the way you look and cheer up your reflection in the mirror.

Profhilo is stabilised hyaluronic acid that spreads like honey under the skin for total bio remodelling and rejuvenation. It lifts, tightens, boosts collagenand adds a natural airbrush effect to your complexion giving amazing skin quality.

Whether you’re struggling with a dull complexion, sagging skin, or could just do with taking 5 years off of your appearance, this is the product for you. It’s ideal for brightening, tightening, and smoothing, and it gets to work fast. You’ll be looking more youthful in just a few weeks!

Profhilo provides a more subtle lift. Use it on your face, neck and feel younger in an instant. So, if you look like you need a holiday but don’t have the time, get that revitalised glow with Profhilo.

21St January 2021 | Profhilo


Profhilo is the first hyaluronic acid product of its kind that, instead of filling in lines, reverses soft tissue laxity and descent.



Results are apparent after just one (two treatments 4 weeks apart is needed).



Free of cross-linking agents, Profhilo contains no additives or BDDE, and carries no risk of foreign body reactions.



Lifting results are maintained for up to six months, but a degree of permanent tissue tightening is observed.

No of Treatments

2 Treatments, 4 Weeks apart


Procedure Time

30 Min


Treatment Area

Full Face & Neck


Recovery Time

24 Hours



From £350



Lasts Up to 6 Months


How Does Profhilo Work?

Hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance produced in our body and found in our skin, joints and connective tissue, binds moisture in the skin and aids collagen production. With age hyaluronic acid production slows and the skin looks duller and dehydrated, with fine lines and wrinkles forming. Hyaluronic acid is best known as a ‘filler’ and is usually used to give volume to lips or to contour other areas of the face.

Profhilo is 100% pure injectable hyaluronic acid. It works by engaging the body’s receptors through the unique level of pure HA to induce the stimulation of collagen, the protein that strengthens our skin and gives it structure. Unlike fillers, which are usually concentrated in a specific area, Profhilo spreads out once injected forming a water-binding layer under the skin.

It is administrated in just 2 sessions over 4 weeks and disperses quickly across the skin to instantly boost hydration, consequently smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, resulting in improved skin texture.

TreatmentPrices From
Face or Neck£350
Face & Neck£600
  • All Consultations and Treatments are Carried out by our Registered Medical Experts.
  • Consultations are £25 and Must be Paid Upfront to Secure your Appointment.
  • Consultation Fee can be Credited towards your Treatment.


Why Consider Profhilo?

Who Needs Profhilo Treatment?
  • Individuals above 30 who are usually prone to diminished levels of HA
  • Individuals with apparent sign of saggy skin, wrinkles, skin laxity and hydration problems
Which areas can be treated?
Profhilo is commonly used for the face, but can also be used for treatment of skin laxity and other related problems in neck. The effect of the treatment usually includes increased firmness, improved elasticity as well as improved skin texture.
How many treatments do I need?
To achieve the best long-lasting results, we recommend having 2 treatments 4 weeks apart. Some people may see the results within the first week, but the best outcomes of the treatment will be visible 8 weeks after the first treatment session. The results usually last for 6 months or longer.
What results can I expect from Profhilo?
Depending on the individual, the period at which the treatment outcome becomes evident may differ. But usually after two treatments that are spaced 4 weeks apart, you can rest assured of:

  • Improved skin tone, texture, hydration, and radiance with increased firmness and elasticity of the skin
  • heather and softer skin that looks younger
What are the side effects?
Low risk of bruising, swelling which will resolve within a day or two post treatment.
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