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Why Lip Fillers?

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They have long been considered one of a woman’s most important facial features. Your lips and mouth show your emotions, and full lips have long been seen as a sign of youth and beauty. But the natural ageing process alters them. From the peak of fullness in your 20’s, lips slowly change to become thinner, flatter and less defined. The reason? Your body produces less hyaluronic acid over time, essential for volume. At Laser Chic we are experts at using lip fillers to replace this and retain a full and natural look to enhance your mouth area.

Non-surgical Lip Enhancement is a very popular treatment offered by Laser Chic. It is suitable for anyone who would like fuller lips. The safe, efficient lip-filler procedure can replace the volume and definition that ageing has taken away; it can also be used to create balance between the upper and lower lip.

How Do Lip Fillers work?

Dermal filler is a naturally-occurring hyaluronic acid gel (a substance naturally found within the skin) that is injected into the upper and lower lip. Once the treatment is gently injected into the target area, the material is slowly dissolved by the body’s own mechanism to volumise and hydrates the skin. It also has antioxidant qualities providing instantly smoother skin with better results than any top brand moisturising creams.

Lip Fillers

The filler is gently injected into the upper and lower lip to produce natural, soft and plump lips depending on the client’s individual needs and preferences. The upper and lower borders of the lips are initially injected to increase definition, and then the lips themselves are injected with as much filler as required to produce your perfect lips.



There are many types of dermal lip fillers available. At Laser Chic we use the leading filler available on the market Juvéderm® which is a gel containing hyaluronic acid – a biodegradable substance which occurs naturally in the skin. The process involves Juvéderm® being injected directly into the lips to define the lip borders and/or create a fuller, plumped-out effect. We can inject as much or as little filler as the patient requires to give a subtle or more dramatic result. 

Lip Fillers Before and After

See below some brilliant results of Lip Fillers Treatments.

Lip fillersDermal Lip Fillers Treatment 
Lip Fillers Treatment

* Results may vary from person to person.

Lip Fillers Price List

0.5ml (Restylane or Juvederm Smile)£160
1.0ml (Restylane or Juvederm Ultra)£250
1.5ml (Restylane or Juvederm Ultra)£400
0.5ml (Volift - longer lasting)£200
1.0ml (Volift - longer lasting)£350
Correction / Dissolver£175

All consultations & treatments are carried out by our Doctors.
Consultations are £25 which can be credited towards your treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Lip Fillers work?
Fillers are made from a sugar gel which is a soft substance called hyaluronic acid and is found in human collagen. They are bio-degradable so once injected, your body will slowly break it down over time. Filler injections can be highly effective when it comes to softening and restoring youthful contours to the mouth area and lips. They hydrate and fill out lips that are impacted by the loss of collagen, resulting in an attractive plump appearance.
What can I expect when I have my lip fillers treatment?

At your initial consultation, prior to your treatment, you will meet with your doctor who will spend time going through the exact science behind dermal filler products and explaining how it works. She would then review your past medical history to assess your suitability to proceed and agree the areas you want treated. She will talk you through the procedure, answering any questions you might have. Only when and if you are comfortable and ready, will your treatment starts.

The treatment area will be cleansed and small quantities of filler is administered very gently. Some patients may feel mild discomfort as the needle goes into the border of the lips or body of the lip depending on the desired effect, but prior to treatment, a mild local anaesthetic cream is applied to the treatment area for comfort. The dermal filler is then injected into the border of the lips or body of the lip depending on the desired effect, to natural volume and hydration. It takes 20-40 minutes and the effects are instant.

When will I notice the treatment working?
Lip borders can be defined and the shape and size of the lips can be enhanced either subtly or dramatically depending on the result the client desires, producing an instant effect that will leave your skin feeling fuller, revitalised and plumped looking more youthful than ever before. The results are instant so you will walk out feeling a new you. Over the week, the filler will settle and the final result will be seen after 10 days. Most patients come back for a second treatment from 6-12 months onwards. This treatment is also ideal for removing lines and creases around the mouth area (including ‘smoker’s lines’).
What are the possible side effects?
Occasional side-effects would include temporary redness, tenderness during injections, and swelling and bruising at the injection site. However, these would normally be expected to settle within a matter of hours. The risks of allergies and other skin reactions are minimal with the Juvéderm® range products.
If you are having treatment on your lips, note that lips are more vascular and can develop a small bruise which will reduce over 3-5 days. It does make sense to plan your diary in advance and leave at least 10 days after your lip enhancement procedure.
Are Lip Fillers safe?
Yes, as long as they are administrated by a medical professional. The hyaluronic gel is completely natural, and over time, the filler will slowly dissolve, causing no harm to you.


If a lip-enhancing treatment is administered by anyone other than an experienced medical professional, it can create uneven results and an unsightly appearance. At Laser Chic this treatment is only administrated by fully-trained medical practitioners, and the filling gels we use in these procedures are gentle, natural and harmless.

How many syringes will I need?
Our doctor at Laser Chic will be able to give you guidance on this upon assessment. However, she generally encourage patients to have no more than 2 syringes at a time in order for you to be in control of the effects. Further treatment can always be undertaken at a later date. 

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